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Zion Lion

The Peacock with Matting

The Peacock with Matting

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Two demure peacocks perch beneath a pomegranate tree, casting a serene gaze. Feathers rippling down like a flowing stream create an engaging border for the ketubah text. This harmonious composition unites symbols of grace and beauty with fertility and abundance, in a heartfelt tribute to the bride and the groom, and the journey that follows the marriage union.

Central to this exquisite ketubah are two peacocks, shyly looking outwards, while resting under a pomegranate tree. Their feathers, billowing down like water flowing in a stream, surround the text while creating a decorative border. The sweeping organic movement of the train of feathers contrasts with the visible tranquility of the pheasants who stand in perfect serenity.

This lovely composition combines the symbols of beauty and grace with that of abundance and fertility, against a background suggestive of our journey in life and the strength that the bride and groom derive from their union enabling them to journey together. "

The paper cut ketubah is a giclee print with hand-applied 24 karat gold leaf. It is a limited edition and numbered and signed by the artist.



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