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Zion Lion

Serenity with Matting

Serenity with Matting

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A crown of overlapping fronds envelops the text in this organic, incisive and elegantly designed ketubah. The quiet rhythm of the interweaving contours and the understated color changes of the multi-layered paper cut construction create a classic timelessness.

Further enhancing the beauty of the Serenity Ketubah is the repetitive pearl motif and the ketubah’s overall shape: at once reminiscent of both a sea shell and a heart.

Pearl Serenity: Giclee litho, 3- layer paper cut, 24 karat genuine gold leaf, hand painted

Blue Serenity: Giclee litho, 2-layer paper cut with a giclee litho background, 24 karat genuine gold leaf, hand painted

All ketubahs are limited editions: numbered and signed by the artist

Dimensions-16x16 inches



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