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Zion Lion

Shardz Colored Wedding Breaking Bag & Glass

Shardz Colored Wedding Breaking Bag & Glass

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A handmade Jewish Wedding Breaking Glass | Smash Glass by Shardz. With a round bottom, no stem, and included canvas cloth, this Jewish wedding glass by Shardz makes for safe smashing. Choose your color and then if you like, turn your shards into beautiful pieces of art after the wedding. A satin bag is included for you to save your shards.

Choose: Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Rainbow, Purple, Silver Metallic, Green, Clear, Peach, Ruby, Amber. Glasses measure 3.5"- 4" tall. Handmade in the USA by artist Fay Miller.


Every day, Shardz artist Fay Miller sees things she wants to recreate- leaves blowing in the wind, animal horns at the zoo, buildings rising in the city, seasons changing the landscape and people gathered in joyous celebration. She incorporates elements of whimsy, wildness and intense color into her hand-blown glass. Her wedding smash glasses and smash glass gifts are treasured by many.



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