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Zion Lion

Stand Alone with the Healer's Prayer Glass

Stand Alone with the Healer's Prayer Glass

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This is one of our ”Stand Alones”; free-standing pieces with meaningful phrases. The Healer's Prayer - this message is fired into the glass and surrounded by colorful glass highlights. This Stand Alone plaque is glued into the handmade glass base.
Other Stand Alones available: I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine, Tikkun Olam, Woman of Valor, Justice, Tree of Life, Dove Home Blessing, or Hamsa Home Blessing.
5" x 7" plaque, 3"x 4" base
Lovingly handmade in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. We do try to keep everything in stock, but because we are a very small handmade company, we sometimes need to make the piece you ordered.



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